Everyone wants to live that American Dream: a great marriage, great in-laws (good luck with 2 children, the great 6 figure paying job, 2 cars, and purchase real estate. In California many do live this dream, and have for years unblemished and in harmony. All of a sudden a storm comes their way, I am not talking weather related or a natural disaster. But a storm that comes by way of an economic shake up. Your company is cutting back and you are one of the causality cuts, or you sustain a injury on the job that now reduces the income you once brought home. Or it can be a divorce and now bills are not being paid out of spite because of emotional turmoil. These are unfortunate scenarios laid out, but millions of Americans face them everyday. As a result you get behind on your mortgage payments and depending on the longevity of the circumstance  one late payment can become two, three and then four and so on…you get the picture! With each notice you receive from the mortgage lender, the more pressure begins to build up. Depending on how you deal with this, it can become insurmountable and you can find yourself in bankruptcy and your home being seized by the bank.  If you are at or nearing any situation of this caliber, there is a way to relieve all of that pressure, you must sell your home while there is still equity remaining in the home.

Money-Stress-526x395In the event that you are unable to refinance your mortgage and pay off the debt you have accrued, the next best solution is to sell you home and walk away with money in your pocket to start your new beginning. The goal is to get your home sold FAST, being that you are racing against the clock of foreclosure. Going the traditional route of selecting a Real Estate agent and listing your home on MLS is great in theory, but in practicality unreasonable. The average length of time a home is on the market and sold at its listing price is 48 days according to California Association of Realtors Organization. Timing and pricing are large factors when it comes to traditional retail home sales.

Let us remove the chain of debt today!

Your best, quickest and most effective way to get your home sold is with a private investor. The advantage of a private investor is that they will pay you CASH! Most private investors can get you the money you need in as quickly as two weeks, as compared to the conventional home sales route where many contingencies and stipulations are involved. Many private investors will purchase your home in AS-IS condition. There are no banks involved so that means no potential buyers having to back out of the deal because of being out of compliance with a banks. The process is simple with a private investor, as a result your mortgage is caught up and you will walk away with money in hand and an end to your credit score taking continual hits due to late payments.

Our company is one of the premier Real Estate Investment companies in our market. We service nationwide, with a concentration in California and the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area. If you are tired of receiving those threatening letters from your mortgage company and want to finally relieve the pressure of pre-foreclosure, contact us immediately We at Home Scout Investing are PROBLEM SOLVERS! We take the time to listen to you and make sure we understand you dilemma inside and out, so we can attack the problem at the core and present you with the best options for the sale of your home fast. You deserve to live life without worry, we will make that a realization for you.

We can buy your California (CA) house. Contact us today!
We can buy your house. Contact us Right Now!

Our entire focus is to empower you to take back control over your situation, by knowing all of the options available to you right now. By simply filling out the short form below or giving us a call, we can help you make sense of all of this confusion and present you with your options that can potentially change your life and get it back to normal. All of this 100% free to you (we don’t charge you any fees). 100% no hassle. 100% no obligation. No commitment.  We are available 7 days a week, ready to solve and relieve your housing problem!



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